Resistance, under dosing and your horse’s weight


Resistance, under dosing and your horses weight all go hand in hand. It is important to keep an eye on your horse’s weight, it is very important for accurate dosing of anthelmintics or other medications.

Not all wormers treat the same combination of parasites. knowing the characteristics of each wormer and the types of worms you need to treat can lead to more targeted anthelmintic programme. This can have a positive impact on reducing anthelmintic resistance, as well as potentially being more cost effective.

Under dosing is a major contributing factor to resistance making accurate dosing and therefore knowledge of your horse’s weight is more and more important.

Warning: Weigh tapes only offer an indication of your horse’s weight. For accuracy it is best to use a weigh bridge or ideally weigh scales.

Talk to your vet or suitable qualified person (SQP) for more information on accurate dosing for worming your horse.

Do read your horses weight by placing the tape around your horses girth, at the lowest point of the withers, and close to the point of elbow. Use the arrow to measure the kg measurement.


Your horse               weigh-tape-3


In this case, the horse’s weight is approximately 524kg



Do Not read your horse’s weight simply by reading the weight that appears next to your horses hand measurement.

Under dosing

Golden Rules of Worming tips

#Tip 1: Weigh and test all new horses arriving on the yard before dosing them with a wormer

#Tip 2: Treat each horse as an individual

#Tip 3: Manage the fields- poo picking regularly can save you gym membership!!

#Tip 4: Keep records (contact Norbrook today for your own Year planner to keep records- Click the image below)

Your horse's weight

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Golden Rules Of Worming

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