Casey McKenna's Top Tips

Hi, I’m Casey McKenna, and here are my top tips on eventing. I hope that these Top Tips help you and your horse with the upcoming eventing season. Please keep checking back to read more of my top tips and also those of other sponsored riders.

  1. Have a goal

You should always have a goal for the season so you have something to work towards. As well as having a main goal, you should ideally set yourself small aims along the way, for example: to improve your dressage marks or ride closer to the XC time. This makes for good practice as your small aims will build confidence and make sure that you’re on target for your end goal.

  1. Preparation is key

Look at how you perform in each discipline, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses and start to work on your weaknesses. Poor preparation will mean poor results, which won’t do your confidence any good, so do your homework.

  1. All the gear but with idea

It’s not just about Diamanté Browbands and blingy boots. Make sure you have correctly fitting tack and equipment so that you and your horse are comfortable and happy. This can be expensive, however, so look out for deals online or second-hand equipment.

  1. Your horse’s management

Ensure your horse is fit, healthy and happy. Make sure your horses exercise regime is suitable for the level you are competing at and that you are feeding accordingly. Good quality electrolytes are also essential as part of your horse’s routine.