Ask The Equine Vet


Douglas Palmer


Veterinary Advisor

Hi, I’m Douglas and will be answering your Equine Health questions.

I graduated from the University of Glasgow Veterinary School in July 2002 with a merit for Large Animal Clinical Studies.  My first job was in rural Northumberland in a predominantly large animal practice; a great first job that allowed me to start my career in a practice with good support and great clients.

After two enjoyable years, I moved to the bright lights of Newcastle and again worked in a mixed practice.  It was here that I took on more of the equine work and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was at this practice that I met Tanya, another vet who worked in the same practice – now my wife.

In 2009 I moved back out of the town to work in another mixed role within a departmentalised practice.  This practice was home to equine hospital facilities and I was often involved in the care of the inpatients.  During my time there, Tanya and I welcomed the birth of our son Jack, who now takes up a lot of our spare time.

In 2015 I joined Norbrook as the Veterinary Advisor for the Northern UK and am thoroughly enjoying the challenge of what is a very different role to what I have done before.


We at Norbrook Equine are now offering you the opportunity to send in all questions relating to Horse Healthcare.

Please note that the Veterinarian will choose a number of questions to answer, and will offer his advice – although this should not replace your usual veterinary care, and all emergencies should be reported to, and attended by a Veterinarian.